Get warm easily, quickly and economically with the new heating systems.

Air conditioning

Because coolness is not a luxury, be aware of the smart systems on the market.

Solar systems

Choose a solar system to your measurements and relax your body with a hot shower constantly.


Our company, Pakothermiki, has been a leader for 55 years in the field of energy management and saving with advanced heating & cooling systems, especially with underfloor heating systems, with gas & oil boilers, and heat pumps. It also installs and implements integrated water supply, sewerage (biological treatment), swimming pool, solar and geothermal systems. It also enables its customers to install modern systems (activated carbon filters-reverse osmosis-UV lamps-softeners) for drinking water treatment

The company Pacothermikiafter the successful merger, in 2014, with the company Theodosoudis Ltd., continues the full support of its partners and customers, ensuring reliable and vertical service, both in the supply of quality and innovative products and energy applications, and in their timely and certified (ISO 9000/2008) installation, but also the timeless technique their support.

At the same time its new design department is able to cover comprehensive energy upgrade studies of heating and cooling systems, study and design of specialized solar thermal systems to cover the DHW of space heating and pool heating as well as the study and design of Heating – Cooling – Floor Heating – Cooling systems.

We are launching the new era in our relationship with you and we promise to keep you informed about every energy development, technology and product that will interest you and your customers.
With newsletter, with closed seminars “special purpose” with extended training seminars for the presentation of new technologies.
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Securing our leading role in specialized applications:

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Water supply, sewerage and swimming pool
  • Solar energy
  • Geothermal
  • Water treatment

Our focus is Customer Satisfaction with ongoing support

Water processing

For safe, healthy and clean water, choose one of the solutions we suggest.

Water supply system

For safe, healthy and clean water, choose one of the solutions we suggest.

Drainage system

To sleep peacefully without “annoying” sewer sounds, find the solution today.

Our values

The company Pakothermiki from its foundation until today, designs and implements individual and central heating installations specializing in underfloor heating with gas and oil condensing boilers and heat pumps for greater energy savings. Also solar systems for domestic hot water production and heating support, air conditioning installations, sewerage and water supply networks with water treatment systems and swimming pool installations. Always with certified materials that cover even the most stringent specifications and specialized workshops.

underfloor image


The years of experience, excellent technognosia of our technical staff and our consistency in combination with the use of certified materials, major companies in each of our manufacturing and repair work are the recipe for our success.

Payment methods

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